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Teen Drawing & Portfolio Development

I usually ‘carry’ 3-4 private students year-round. At present I have two & in 2016/17 there were six. I meet weekly with my students, year round, usually at the student's home.

My rates are reasonable and do represent a serious commitment on both our parts to the process.

My class meetings are usually 90min. I charge $60 an hour & $80 for 90min. when paid monthly**.

All six of last years student's (4 graduated/rotated off in June) classes were 90 min in length.

Initially one did begin with an hour/week ..... it's meant to be a flexible system.

(*I invoice before the start of each month. there is a $5/hr supplemental fee when/if classes are paid weekly)

During our meeting time we review: work assigned, accomplished successes, future challenges, present topics, school assignments, A/P requirements, many other artists works to keep students aware of what is being done in the art world, here and abroad. My class is designed for students who are interested in taking their creative ability and drawing skills to a higher level in a friendly 'studio environment'. Demonstrations and critiques are apart of the weekly scenario.

In short, a private class consists precisely of what we do in a group class, albeit more concentrated and focused

thereby bringing exponentially better developed works. Students work from life &/or photos - either their own or provided by instructor. .


I have taken on HS students at all levels and Middle Schoolers also. Half my students were with me for 2-3yrs before they were ready to graduate HS and move on to secondary degrees, most in ART, several in other somewhat to semi-related fields.

For the record, in the last 17+ years, I have been very fortunate with my private students…..

ºIn 2017, four graduated. All received significant portfolio scholarships. A couple were the highest ($83K-$86K) ever awarded to my students. They are were accepted to SAIC, RINGLING, CORCORAN, MICA, FIT, KSU, UGA, APPALACHIAN STATE, &


ºIn 2016, five students graduated. All received portfolio & merit scholarships between $36K & $63K and have chosen to


ºIn 2015, three students graduated. All received merit scholarships between $48K & $69K and are now sophomores

at RISD, PARSONS & MICA. (Two were also accepted to SAIC & SVA)

ºIn 2014, two students graduated, one received a $63,000 merit/portfolio scholarship to the School of Art Institute of

Chicago and the other is taking a ‘bye year’ to spend time in Europe.

ºIn 2013, three long-time students graduated HS (Walton, Wheeler, North Springs). One's on scholarship to MICA,

another to VCU & a third at KSU.

ºIn 2012, I began working with an adult student who in the summer of 2013, portfolioed into the GSU Sculpture BFA program.

ºIn 2011, three of my past students graduated college: one from Cal. Arts, and is working with Lucas Films; another from RSID who headed to New Paltz, NY, a MFA candidate in Metal-smithing; the third graduated with honors (BFA-Graphic Design) from GSU and began work on her MFA at the School of the Visual Arts (NY, NY).

ºIn 2010, five of my students graduated, one had a full ride scholarship to MICA, another to SAIC; a third headed in August to Ringling, the fourth started at Kennesaw State and the fifth enrolls at SCAD in December/January.

ºIn 2009, 8 of my students graduated, one was accepted to Ringling (1st of 64 accepted in the Design, Game & Art program), numbers two & three are now sophomores at Auburn U., a fourth was accepted at Art Institute, transferred to and graduated from UGA .

In 2008, one of my graduating students (Walton HS) was accepted to Parsons & Chicago.

(two of the best art schools in the country -- RISD is #1) and she started at Parsons on 8/22/08.

Sixty-two private students since 2002, sixty accepted into their

University of choice. None failed to gain admission.

Undergrad: Ringling College of Art, F.I.T., Alabama, Auburn, Art Institute, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Cal. Arts, GSU, UGA, KSU, MICA, Valdosta, SCAD, Carnegie Melon, Trinity College at Temple U., Appalachian State, Grandview U., Corcoran.

MFA programs: SCAD, Syracuse University Overseas Study (1yr masters program/architecture in Florence, Italy); School of the Visual Arts, New Paltz.

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