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Many ideas grow better when transplanted to or from another mind than the one where they sprang up..

One of My Evening Figure Drawing Classes

I suppose I should finally get off my backside and choose to immerse myself into this blogosphere where many hold much interest to a world-wide audience. I hope I don't sound hyper cynical, it's just that I seldom if ever put much of premium on my thoughts. They seem pretty much as good or otherwise as most everyone

else's ..... Spending time do a blah-blah-blah thing then expecting that someone 'out there' will undergo a life-changing experience having spent their valuable time to read/digest my particular blah-blah-blah, is just plain & simply nuts.

However, I do listen to my friends and my students, who often say things that trigger some 'strangeoid-brain-synapse' within my head that invariably lead me to discover something or someone of note. When that happens (usually about once/day) it's serendipitous and I believe worthy of being shared. And true to form this morning was incredible and made me want to cancel my figure/portrait drawing workshop and spend the day in my own studio. Needless to say, that did not happen & I'm glad it didn't because the student's work today was really, really, really good! A major treat for me to watch it unfold/develop. The critique was most interesting because there were so many elements in each work that needed examination/appreciation and yet the artists hadn't created any of these intentionally ==> that was the dynamic!

Today they drew what they felt, how they felt, how they were willing to subject the model to feel and it worked so very

nicely. I love it when you can physically 'see' the light bulb go off in a student's eyes signifying they have made the

'connection', that the concept is now 'theirs'......

This happens quite often in group classes where students of all levels work together - the synergy can be palpable and

when the chemistry is there, it energizes! My students inspire, test and push me in every class. I used to think I wanted to

become the teacher/mentor I'd wished I'd met so many years ago ..... truth is I wish I'd been in classes like I have now

with the students I have now when I was just starting out - they challenge, they stimulate, they make it work!

Some of the student's recent works:

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